Naida Čaršimamović Vukotić
Key Expertise and Specific Qualifications


  • Monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL); 
  • Public financial management (PFM) and macro-fiscal policy; 
  • Capacity building and policy advice; 

  • Project management;
  • Research methods.


  • Research, empirical analyses, capacity building, training, lecturing, and providing policy advice in BiH, Western Balkans, and Europe and Central Asia;

  • Extensive knowledge and international experience in monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL);
  • Widespread knowledge and practical international and BiH experience in providing technical assistance and policy advice in PFM (including program and performance budgeting and mid-term budgeting); 

  • Project management; 

  • Thorough understanding of BiH fiscal, economic, and political systems; 
  • Experience of working both directly with government officials and on independent research on projects or research financed by the international development organizations.